December Pod Comments

My heart is full of love and wonder at connecting with you and the golden dolphins. I have been reading a holistic book and this morning I read Archangel Michael’s channelling ‘Becoming a Light Upon Mother Earth’ by Ronna Herman, and you know… the penny has finnally dropped (an English expression) which means that at last the message has been understood. For me, it was about being One with our God self, and the need to anchor this into our beings to be able to make the tri-angel-ation and allow our linear thinking to expand, leading to completion and transcendence… Archangel Michael must be saying she got it at last!… all is in place… just need to join the dots…

Re: 12/4/11 post:
Beautiful, wonderful, stunning, amazing, and joyful!!! Wow and triple wow. Now is the time. And what a time! Thank you so much, Nina, for helping us remember! This is glorious to read and feel and know. What beautiful energy and love. In love and light and profound appreciation.

I am open, able and willing.
I am ‘surrendering, trusting, allowing and receiving.’
Thanks so much Nina….
for being a beacon on my journey.

Thanks for your courageous leadership.

During yesterday’s Egypt Webinar, it was mentioned that you will be giving a talk on the Golden Dolphin on the 12th Feb at the end of the pilgrimage (in Egypt, 2012). This has prompted me to tell you about my own contact with the dolphins and in particular the Dolphin Mother. I’m not sure if this fits into what you are doing with the Golden Dolphin, which I haven’t heard of before, but feel it may do. I apologize if I’m wasting your time but feel their could be some useful synergy. I made contact with the Dolphin Mother in September 2011 after being with dolphins in a river/pond in Florida. It was my first time in Florida, and the first time I had encountered dolphins. I was blown away by their beauty, high vibration and sheer love. After I got out of the water and was changing I felt myself contacted by a spirit and tuned in. I connected to a blue energy which formed the shape of a large dolphin and I was inside this energy and swimming with it. It told me that it was the “Dolphin Mother” and I felt it was the spiritual essence of the dolphins on earth. It told me to feel its pod of real dolphins swimming around it, and to relax inside its dark blue energy cocoon and to swim with it in the warm ocean. She explained that the dolphins were a bit fed up with man who continued to abuse the life of earth, by for example harming marine life with their boat propellers and by pollution. However, the dolphins want the help of man to cleanse the water of earth and to manifest the new earth. The dolphins wish to work in collaboration with man and for the two species to help one another. They asked me to spread this message and on a daily basis to cleanse the earth and to manifest the new earth each day utilizing their energy and the other energies to which I’m connected. I vowed to do this and the dolphin mother now allows me to use this spiritual dolphin energy for healing. I only use it for the highest purposes such as earth healing or for releasing powerful negative energies such as some earth bound spirits. I realize that you probably have made a more profound connection to the dolphins than I have, but wanted to pass on the message of the Dolphin Mother as she requested me to. -Zinac

Thanks for your beautiful gifts in the form of the newsletter, I am a big fan…hihi!

Thanks for braving the Christmas crowds and getting the ankh to me so quickly. It is beautiful, and I am looking forward to working with it. Rhoda mentioned combining its energy with sound, so I want to use it with my crystal bowls and also with toning to see what the results are.

Hello, I heard your interview on Linda Allen’s show on AR1 and just have to share some thoughts with you. I had never heard Linda Allen’s show before I just needed to listen to something inspirational so I scrolled through a list of archived shows and clicked on one. Some might say I came across the show randomly but I don’t believe in random occurrences. After listening to you for just a short while I soon realized there was a reason why I clicked on that show. All the words you spoke rang true to me. Everything you explained is in alignment with my current awareness. Many topics you brought up are topics I’ve been recently learning more and more about. My consciousness and awareness are growing at a very rapid pace and I’m so very happy… I would like to learn more about the Star Clinic and I would love to learn more about you and all your wonderful work. I believe in a world that works for everyone and I believe we/humanity can manifest that world. I believe in being the change I wish to see in the world and I move through life practicing my belief. In love and light.

Love you and all you are doing for the Planet with our Blessed Dolphins.

Sometimes, I just remember your calm and your joy and it helps me to re-calibrate myself. Thank you for your great strength in Light of Love.

Thank you for the amazing creation you have & continue hosting. So amazed meeting up with us all & for plentiful activation participation!

I love you and appreciate the work you and all the other saints are doing.