December 4 Gathering of the Golden Dolphins, Santa Fe

The December 4 Gathering of Golden Dolphins in Santa Fe was rich with wisdom and insights from numerous presenters:

GeneratorNina spoke about gold as a quantum tool, how it can be used in the quantum field for healing, and her own journey of discovery with the Periapt of the Golden Dolphin. She also introduced the upcoming Golden Dolphin S.T.A.R. (Surrender, Trust, Allow, Receive) Clinic:

There is another opportunity where gold is going to be used very powerfully in the quantum field and it will be with healing. We are going to be launching the S.T.A.R. Clinic. The S.T.A.R. Clinic – I am actually going to have to read it to you because its such a new concept.

The S.T.A.R. Clinic (which is an acronym) is a state of being the knowledge of and the belief in the principles of Surrender, Trust, Allow, and Receive, in which one is receptive to the intergalactic, multi-dimensional open portals for cosmic healing, directed outside of the realm of individuated consciousness by Divine Creator. It was evolved many millions of years ago, waiting until we were ready to do the work.

Listen to Nina’s talk on Gold as a Quantum Tool:

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Read the transcription of Nina’s talk on Gold as a Quantum Tool

Vladamir Turek, a cosmic physician who is intimately involved in the manifestation of our upcoming Golden Dolphin S.T.A.R Clinic, gave a fascinating talk about the golden matrix and how it will assist with the S.T.A.R. Clinic:

The gold has multiple properties. It holds the frequency, which is the level of how the particle is spinning, the speed. It holds the balance of male & female ratio, which helps basically to bring the extremes between the distortions of the field or physical body back into balance. Also it is easily imprintable by information. So you will take a piece of gold, we imprint it with information, we also energize it so it will be radiating certain frequencies recording the information or outside of the information blue print within the gold. Or we can use it also like a coding between the physical body and the field. So it has multiple purposes.”

Listen to Vladamir’s talk (begins with Nina’s intro to the S.T.A.R. Clinic):

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Read the transcription of Vladamir’s talk about Gold (begins with Nina’s introduction to S.T.A.R. Clinic)

Prior to an Ankh ceremony where crystal Ankhs were used to awaken the third eye and sacred heart of participants, Rhoda Mitchell provided information about the power and potential uses for Ankhs as quantum tools:

Some of you know these as an Egyptian symbol for life. They are much more than a symbol for life… they hold an ability to handle pre-creative and creative energies. This is why they were used and how they were used in Egypt… They must always be approached with respect and used with integrity. And I think they are being given back to humanity now because we are ready to use this amazing energy.”

Listen to Rhoda’s talk about Ankhs:

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Read the transcription of the Ankh Ceremony with Rhoda

And visiting Earth-Walkers, Golden Eagle and Camilla Blossom shared about the importance of being guardians of the water and other vital aspects of our mother earth to assist in maintaining a high frequency and creating sustainable community:

We’ve known that the frequency of the water in our environment creates a frequency that we use in our every day life. If the frequency is altered by man made ways of introducing the water to our taps, then that frequency is altered from a pure state to a mechanical state, into our glass, into our bodies and so the frequencies are altered. This this kind of like what you guys are talking about with the gold. The gold frequencies that we introduce into the waters – the sustainably frequencies that can travel through any modality into our bodies.”

Listen to their talks about honoring water and the earth:

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Read the transcription of Golden Eagle & Camilla Blossom’s talk on Relationship with Water


Pod Comments from the gathering

I am remembering who I am, I am putting aside my doubts and embracing my divinity, and I am happily ready to do the work!

The Golden Dolphins are now in my Personal Pyramid of Light in the 5th Dimension, where I sleep at night.