Cris Jacinto

Cris-bioStargate Engineer, Healing Practitioner

Crisostomo Jacinto is of native Filipino origin, born in a small town named Santiago. At the early age of one, he received a miraculous healing at a very well-known cathedral, Our Lady of Manaog. Words of wisdom from an old beggar who appeared in front of the church were, “My children don’t worry about your grandchild as he is now healed. He will journey all over the world.” She then disappeared having been only a few steps away.

During his lifetime in the Philippines, he lived as a poor peasant. He learned to survive on whatever nature provided for food. He never had to go to a professional doctor for his mother was a gifted healer.

After moving to Winnipeg, Canada, in 1987, he worked as an aircraft engineer for 29 years and 26 years as a healer. During that time, Cris has done a vision quest and traveled to many sacred sites like Bolivia; Mount Banahaw, Philippines; Santa Fe, New Mexico; Egypt; Mexico City, Mexico; Pyramid lake, Nevada; Mt. Shasta, California; Crestone, Colorado; Wales and England, which has deepened his connection with Mother Earth, Gaia.

Cris-Ascension-ChamberCris is a messenger for otherworldly beings. He has clear remembering of numerous past lives and speaks the language of light. He has taken an advanced healing course called La Ho Chi and remembers doing this type of healing 12 to 17 centuries ago.

During the year 2011, a vision lead Cris to meet a starbeing, who had built a 4-sided stargate. Then Cris was visited by another starbeing, who stated that it was time to build a 6-sided stargate and to get it ready for 11-11-11. So the first 6-sided Stargate was built in the light language of the five vowels.

The six-sided, portable, sacred geometry stargate chamber creates a vortex, which seems to spin clockwise towards higher dimensions. It brings a sense of wonder and a playful element to the field of the S.T.A.R. clinic.

His website is: He can be contacted via email or by calling 416-458-7051.