Connie’s Tale

Hello, Golden Dolphins. My name is Connie Lull. I live in upstate New York. We currently have a pod of three. Love to you all. I look forward to meeting those of you I have no met yet.
Connie Lull

Connie’s Tale

These words are difficult to write. How do you tell of your experiences when they are so fantastical as to seem pure fantasy, when some or all of your family and friends don’t believe you if you do tell, and when the experiences surpass even your wildest expectations of what is possible? I will begin to do so because Nina has encouraged us to “declare our divinity” and given us a safe place to do that…If what is written here is encouraging, uplifting and joyous for even one of you, then it will be worthwhile to have communicated it to you. I feel so much love for all of you, whether we have met yet, or not.

My first significant memory of a strong reaction to Dolphins or Whales came in my 20’s, sometime in the early 1980’s. Upon first hearing a recording of Humpback Whalesong, the thought came that, “We’re supposed to know what they’re saying. We should know how to decipher that message.” No further expansion of that thought came for quite some time.

Then my husband and I went to Kuaii in 1992. The Whaling Wall paintings moved me to tears with their exquisite beauty. In retrospect, it seems that trip was the beginning of my “wake-up call’. While on the island, severe lower back pain that seemed to develop out of the blue prevented full enjoyment of all the hiking, swimming, and other physical activities available. What I now know, but did not know then, was that I was in the Heart of Lemuria. I believe this triggered my sub-conscious to begin the activation of my Sacred contract on a more complex level.

Fast forward to 1998 to a waking dream/fantasy that played itself out in my mind for several days. I was scuba diving alone in the North Atlantic with a small group of Humpback Whales. (I don’t scuba dive.) While swimming very close to one male in particular, a golden light began to form and swirl around both of us in a vortex pattern. We both “disappeared” into this light. I have never had any sense of where we went, just of being gone for what seemed to be approximately 2 days of “Earth time”. It was some kind of training program…How do you tell people about something like this? (Generally, you don’t.)

The next memory of significant import was in Bolivia with the Earth-Keepers in Feb of 2011. It was a dream the night before we went to Tiwanaku. Again, a male Humpback Whale swam next to me, this time in a freshwater lake. The dream ended with most of the water having drained from the lake with this whale beached and dying. There were four of us trying desperately to save him. He sent a huge wave of “love energy” through us, telling us not to mourn because this was his path.

The following day in the sunken courtyard, at Tiwanaku, near the 2nd Sungate, a compelling feeling came that I was being asked to attempt a healing. James Tyberonn per Metatron told us to go up to the 2nd Sungate and say, “I came, I kept my promise.” A light trance state had begun when I said the words. My assignment turned out to be to attempt to clear eons of anguish and tormenting sadness that was imbedded in the sand stone. There are several dozen faces sculpted into the wall. For me, this was one of the saddest places I’ve ever been. The anguish was so strong that even drawing breath was difficult. At first I was using my own words, saying things like, “It’s alright. Love has prevailed. You can rest now.” Soon, I was directed to chant in front of each countenance. The chants were to be combinations of the words: LOVE, PEACE, JOY and to finish with the names of the Sacred Triad of: METATRON, MICHAEL, MELCHIZEDEK. The order that these words were to be chanted was different for each face and I was not given the sequence until just before I started to speak. At the same time there were others in the courtyard, fortunately, who were feeling abounding joy. They were running around and dancing in a beautiful, childlike abandon. It was “explained” to me that the clearing was necessary so that the others could dance the immense JOY they felt back into the land. There are 3 pillars of carved stone in the center of the yard. We were told one extended all the way to the central core of Gaia. Upon finishing I stood in front of that pillar and repeated, “I came, I kept my promise. It is done!” A golden column of light came from the pillar and hit me in the solar plexus. It was so powerful that I actually stumbled backward in surprise. The energy did not hurt. All sadness was gone. I have always felt that the joy was the Golden Dolphin energy! There is a particular point I would like to express about this event. I had NO IDEA this was going to happen until it actually did! When I went to Bolivia I considered myself to be a rank beginner. If you can take something from this, please let it be a belief in yourself and a willingness to expand your love-light. Our wildest dreams are possible now!

Since the night of that dream I have always seen the Humpback whale as an etheric rainbow being who swims in the air and often spontaneously joins my meditations. He has recently communicated that I may call him ‘Vrael’. I believe him to be the being who went with me on the training trip that began in the Atlantic Ocean mentioned at the beginning of this text. “Vrael” has assisted me in healing ceremonies and portal/grid activations this year that go so far beyond what I planned, or even thought possible, that a glorious, continuous increase in expectation has become the “order of the day.” A new world has revealed itself, and while it is not without a tremendous sense of responsibility, the days are filled with fun, excitement and miracles. WE HAVE EACH OTHER AND WE ARE SO LUCKY TO BE HERE !!!

I will be attending the Fall S.T.A.R. Clinic and hope to meet many of you then.

Love, Connie

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