Call in the Golden Dolphins to the Safe Harbor of the Newly Forming Global Podsー4/30/11

Welcome dear one on this last day of April with the beginning of the bloom of spring ahead of you. The bloom will be in gold this year as humanity awakens further to the safety of declaring their unique, full divinity.

Their gold vibration is the frequency of the Christos consciousness. As the seeds are being planted by you and other golden dolphins, there is a calm in the waters as humanity feels that safe harbor in which to enter, the location of their resting pod. This is where the energy will be mustered, will be amplified, so that with full recognition of who they are, they can travel out beyond the calm waters into the turbulent oceans that cover the earth and still retain an inner calm, a joy, a playfulness as the apparent chaos surrounds them. This is the fundamental work of the Gathering of Golden Dolphins, the sharing, the reinforcing, the acknowledgement of one’s human divinity, that inner core and compass that carries one over the turbulent waves of life with ease and grace. This is an inner radiance at its fullest brilliance that will carry one through the changes of the dimensional shift that is approaching as Gaia takes on her new expanded mantle, and as the crystalline grid boots up with its anchoring, coded sun discs, and as love, pure love and light, blankets the earth. All is in a ready state. All is awaiting the planetary alignments. All is awaiting the full awakening of humanity for the term heaven on earth to manifest. So call in the golden dolphins to the safe harbor of the newly forming global pods. Love and recognize one another.

With our deep love,
The Golden Dolphins via Anaya-Ra