Blessing and Releasing the Patriarchal Energies of Israel Ceremony

Nina shared her experience of the ceremony:

Rhoda Mitchel conducted this ceremony yesterday as her reason for being in Israel, [at] a point overlooking the Mediterranean Sea with Mount Carmel behind us. Our chosen site was in the midst of archeological ruins.

Rhoda called in the four directions and we all called in other beings of Light, including the Golden Dolphins, to be with us. Then we played tuning forks and toned, while the elements – sun, crashing sea waves, the wind – played around us. After that, the lineages of all present and all who had been present at our gathering in Jerusalem were called in. This meant that we had lineages from Israel, other Arab countries, Brazil, South Africa, North America, Portugal, and others present. They joined us willingly and Rhoda spoke the words to bless and honor the masculine energies that, in unbalanced form, helped create the great game of duality we have all participated in. The courage and pain of the many eons of duality were recognized, and then the patriarchal energies transmuted into the light.

Following this ceremony, the four present gathered for lunch to be served by an angel with wings who served a splendid feast!