Being in Right Alignment with GoldーFall Equinoxー9-23-11

Dear Ones, on this auspicious day (Fall Equinox 2011), we wish to speak to you about the frequencies of gold. There is much discussion on your planet these days about gold as a currency and as a source of energy for the protection of assets and wealth. We come today, as the light of the universe is pouring through, to share with you that gold is more than an asset or a form of wealth and status. Gold, as we know it, is a currency of communication throughout the cosmos.

It is of such pure vibration that we, the Golden Dolphin Avatars of Sirius B, use it as a tool of perfected communication. It has no dimensional restrictions and no interplanetary restrictions. We are able to use it to amplify our means of communicating with you. Now, we do not talk about gold that has been diluted or that has lost its purest vibrational capabilities, but pure gold, which radiates the highest frequencies of love and light. We ask you now, today, to expand your appreciation for this noble metal and look at it as a conveyor of cosmic wealth, not merely planetary wealth. When you are in right alignment with gold, you will have powers and capabilities that are yet unknown to your species. But this will take always a belief and knowing of who you truly are.

Without a knowing of your human divinity, the gifts that come from gold cannot be expressed. There will be a block that will be imposed by the collective consciousness, for that field of duality tells you that this simply cannot be. The vice in which this field has ensnared you has limited your access to the true gift of gold. So we say do not rush out and buy gold for the cosmic value that we mention unless you are fully aware of the wholeness of who you are, for there will be nothing more powerful gifted by the gold than that of currency on the planet. When, however, you are fully the walking master that you incarnated as, then the gold comes to you with its highest frequencies of love and light and can be used as a cosmic tool as we have stated. As humanity moves from the collective consciousness into the Golden Dolphin Quantum Field, or unity consciousness, where human divinity is surrendered to the good of all, as opposed to the needs of the individual, then will the gifts that we tell you about be fully realized. In that new field of the new earth, which is a quantum reality of love, light, compassion and self love, there, in that field, gold will express itself in its fullest capacity. There, we will be able to communicate with you with ease and grace, and you will merge with us, the highest vibration of your higher self. We will then be able to share with you the laws of the cosmos, the laws of intergalactic being, the mutuality principles of exchange by common consent.

There will be much more that will be shared with you as well. These laws and the information that we wish to share with you, however, cannot be accessed by means of the frequencies of gold while your consciousness resides in the current collective. This is why we have asked that the Golden Dolphin Gatherings be created, for in those gatherings the Golden Dolphin Quantum Field is accessed and one has the opportunity to move into that realm of being. Eventually the bliss that is experienced there will encourage a desire within one to depart from the collective consciousness and to reside in the new unity consciousness. That is when the gifts of gold will be truly understood. We tell you this now as humanity is transitioning into the new earth, so that you can anticipate the awakening of the gifts that are your birthright. This, dear ones, is our truth and we, as you, share this with you so that it will shortly be your truth as well. We stand by your side now with the prayer that you will embody us. Then together we will play, frolic and glide into, through and beyond 2012 to a new reality that is quantum in nature, where there is nothing to constrain or hold one down. It will be a field of tremendous speed and uncertainty, but the tool which we are presenting today will be available to you for support and a guide for a new way of living. Gold therefore is to become a magic carpet for each one of you as you anticipate gliding through the quantum field of the new earth. Begin to have a new respect for this noble metal, which awaits the moment when you can access its fullest potential.

With our deep love,
The Golden Dolphins as Anaya-Ra