Beautiful feedback about this work from Legendarian Scott Taylor

Hi Nina:

Thank you for sending this, and keeping the Legend in mind. By situating the Legend in such a prominent place in the upcoming event, an important factor is being added, and will attract a powerful range of support.

I have been watching with fascination the progress of your work. The degree of organization, passion, and commitment has been delightful to witness. I am pleased to see such energy devoted to this work.

A comment: I have found, over the years, that few people have a sense of timing in its divine aspects. I note with great pleasure how you are attuned to this. The timing of your work, and the upcoming ‘windows of opportunity’ that you are taking on, is very much aligned with what I know and sense to be correct. “The cusp of Aquarius” indeed! If for no other reason (and there are many!), I am impressed with your work as an Ambassador, a Legendarian. Well done!