Be the Qualities of the Divine Creator’s Love Kindliness – 5/4/1

With great appreciation and gratitude we begin to write from the wisdom of the heart, as messengers of the love of the divine Creator. The term “we” is chosen with deliberate intent, though the signature implies the use of “I.” No longer will the messenger refer to “they” when she receives truth from the Golden Dolphin Avatars of Sirius B, for she has merged with that aspect of her being and, now whole, has become a consciousness greater than the two parts, which formerly were separate. This merging is being presented as an option for the reader as well. Merge with your golden dolphin aspect, the highest vibration of your higher self, and become a crystalline clear expression of human divinity.

As we glide into, through and beyond the magical date of December 21, 2012, the question being asked is, “Who will I be on December 22nd?” The answer is, “You will be the love of the divine Creator radiating at your highest potential the qualities of that love.” There will be no more Atlantean crystals to activate, no more sun discs to code, no more grids to clear. The only work to be done is with one sacred temple — YOU.

How is the work done? What is the work to be done? Who will assist me? The answer to your query, as with all of life, is simple. You have the answer to all of your questions within. You are the sacred temple containing your truth and your wisdom. As a divine human, a spark of the divine Creator, you need only ask within. Your quantum DNA field holds the answers, for there resides your higher self, a higher vibrating you. Your Akashic Record, the library of all of your incarnations past, present and future, is within your quantum field as well. Your karmic cycles, all that makes you, you, is within. This field has a consciousness and wishes to communicate with you. So the answer to all your questions, as a divine human, comes when humanity communicates with divinity within.

Let us begin this communication with an intention: “My intention is to radiate kindliness at my highest potential as one of the qualities of the love of the divine Creator.” Move awareness, one’s consciousness, deep within to the space between the particles of creation that makes us matter. Surrender the intention to the field. Trust that the quantum soup that is you knows the answer. Allow the wisdom to be unlocked by the divinity that you are. Receive the harmonics of a higher octave of kindliness with gratitude and appreciation. Be that vibration of kindliness.

As we move our awareness back to our shifting reality, the birthing of the new Earth, the Golden Age of Divine Love, be the observer of events that present. Look with eyes filled with kindliness. Listen with ears filled with kindliness. Speak with lips filled with kindliness. Act with a body filled with kindliness. In so doing, life around you will respond in kind. We are the creators of our reality, and we are creating a new Earth of the highest frequency of kindliness, one of the qualities of the love of the divine Creator. And so it is.

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