Awareness of the Adamantine Particles is Enormous by Robert Winn

On the night of September 15th, in preparation for the upcoming Fall S.T.A.R. Clinic, the S.T.A.R. Clinic team conducted a New Moon meeting in the Quantum. Each team member was asked to hold the intention that our collective will be aligned with the cosmic S.T.A.R. clinic team and the will of the Divine Creator. That as we dream, a field of enormous wave potential is created from which the perfect outcome will manifest for the highest good of all.

Several of the team members shared the inspiration and insight received. The following is Robert Winn’s insight about adamantine particles, love and creating heaven on earth:

RWinnHd_-_2Awareness of the adamantine particles is enormous.

I’ve been working with adamantine particles and the application of love in mastering alchemy. Here are some thoughts. In June I had referenced the “unity of diversity” which the team is creating as we build coherence, attunement and unity for co-creating the STAR Clinic. Adamantine particles express the “diversity of unity”. They are the primordial substance of manifest creation, emerging where indivisibility gives rise to divisibility. Unity is the domain of spirit. Diversity is the domain of the adamantine particles. Love connects and directs them.

Adamantine particles are one part of the trinity of existence: spirit, love and adamantine particles. The infinite potential of indivisibility (spirit/unity) gives rise to divisibility (matter/diversity) through the guidance of love. Spirit is the unified field of all possibilities: an indivisible field of pure potential. Adamantine particles emerge directly from spirit/essence. Adamantine particles are the constantly changing, continuous flow of high frequency potential that manifests as discrete form and structure under the command of love; like individual waves rising from and falling into the infinite ocean, at once separate and connected.
An adamantine particle is irreducible, and indivisible because nothing precedes it. Every form of matter comes from adamantine particles. Love connects and commands the adamantine particles. They respond to a magnetic field, not electrical force. The heart is the magnetic center of a human being. Through our heart we magnetize (attract) adamantine particles and by our love we command them.

So the quality and power of Love we choose to embody (unbounded, unconditional) determines the extent to which we can command the adamantine particles and create heaven on earth, coherently, in perfect unity and harmony with all that is. Which is why the Golden Dolphins et al, expressing through Vladmir, have repeatedly instructed our S.T.A.R. Team be so focused on cultivating divine love starting with self-love, free of conditions, self-judgment, etc.

I’m excited about the STAR Clinic.

“How you breathe is how you live.”