August Pod Comments

Thank you for your newsletters. I would like to share that during two if my seminars we had the Golden Dolphins speak to us – during the Venus Transit Seminar and also during the sommer solstice. We also had the Platinum Whales as well as the Platinum Ray. This was all very powerful, and I wish I could share it with you – however it is in German. I am not on Facebook so I can’t post the channels. I have been sending them to friends so far…

So when you say, “Who are you”, my “tag” for some time has been, “I AM Souljourner at-large; Truth Seeker, Peace Maker, Love Giver” which then makes me, I discovered on Saturday, “God in a Pod!”

Re August 2 Journal: Beautiful, Nina and the Golden Dolphins…thank you So Much for sharing..I can feel the dissolution of that shield around my heart while reading these words ♥

Thank You Nina for sharing

Lovely message. Thank you so much! ♥

Thank you….Love and Gratitude

Thank you, Nina – infinite Love and Gratitude ♥

Thank You Nina! I hope that all is well with you! Many Blessings of Love and Light! ♥

Thank you, Nina. Right on!

Outstanding! I also felt a shift with the full moon last night, Aug. 1, thank you Golden Dolphins and All Divine. ♥ ♥ ♥ ƸӜƷ ♥ ♥ ♥

Thank you Nina & Golden Dolphins for the uplifting love filled message helping to inspire us with the New Earth Love in every Now moment. Blessings, Crystal ♥ ♥ ♥ ƸӜƷ ♥ ♥ ♥

Beautiful Nina thanks for sharing.

I’m ready for the block to be removed!

This fits perfectly with the work I’ve been doing! Thank you.

Re Raquel’s video: Amazing Nina, you have a wonderful project there, the Star Clinic, and the people you gather are the BEST. I loved Racquel, her talk brought memories of “how to do it” and it started to work on myself. I know that for years I have been told that I am a Cosmic Healer, but my emotional and physical body could not assimilate it. It is happening now. Thank you. It was not a coincidence that we met in Israel and spent a few days together. Remember the cold wave? It’s all coming up now and I am taking care of my physical bodies so they allow for the integration of the Devine codes. A big hug and lots of love from Israel.

Also, before I close I wanted to tell you that I love how your website is developing. Lots of good information. Nice Job!

I just felt the urge to share that; lately the word “Anaya-Ra” and “Council Of Light” was being mentioned repeatedly in my dream (and i hardly ever remember any dream.) That led to an exploration which filled the void i have felt all through my life. Thank you for being.

A few months ago I had a wonderful dream about my toddler self swimming with a river dolphin. It felt so wonderful, then my adult self, I, began to run next to the dolphin on the river bank as an adult, watching my toddler self and dolphin swimming up the river. Before I woke up, my toddler self said “savannah” while looking lovingly into my eyes. It was so wonderful that I painted a painting to commemorate the feeling.