August 7th Gathering of Golden Dolphins, Santa Fe

Our third gathering was rich and magical. In retrospect, more information came through this single meeting than anyone could have possibly imagined!

First, by popular demand, click here to listen to Matthew Reifslager’s Message from Divine Mother.

Matthew’s sharing displayed tremendous wisdom and Divine Mother’s inspiring message was at once moving and humerous, profound and practical.

Highlights from the message include:

  • Information about how to and why it is necessary to include our physical selves in the awakening process.
  • The human body’s elemental physiology, relationship and role in Earth’s physiology.
  • God in the heart, the junction point of your divinity and humanity.
  • The great shift and the inevitability of your awakening.
  • The influence of human collective consciousness and co-creating a new collective consciousness.
  • Recognizing heaven on earth.

During Q & A with Divine Mother, fellow Pod members asked the following questions:

Sadhu, asked: “In the whole Galaxy, is this the only place we can incarnate to become of service and have growth of our soul,” and “Why is Earth so special to come to for that kind of growth?” Click here to listen to the Divine Mother’s response.

Debbie asked, “In remembering our selves… if our purpose here is service, how can we assist those other selves to remember themselves in their fullest capacity so that we can fully do our service here that we came to do?” Click here to listen to the Divine Mother’s response.

Stephanie asked,”Grounding is a very common term, it’s easy to make assumptions because it’s used so commonly. Would you speak to that and clarify that for us?”
Click here to listen to the response.

Two messages, in celestial toungues, and their translations

Two other phenominal things happened during the meeting, which were unplanned, and for which we are grateful. Joy Hansen shared a beautiful Song from the Ancients and one of the Pod members received a spontaneous translation. I was also moved to share a message from the Golden Dolphins, in their celestial language, which was also spontaneously translated!

Click the links below to hear their corresponding recordings:
Song of the Ancients with Joy Hansen
Spontaneous translation by Debbie

Message from the Golden Dolphins in their celestial language, with Nina’s Interpretation
Spontaneous translation by Vladamir

Closing words, gift from Divine Mother

All in all, what a blessed event this was. There is so much condensed into the recordings from this event that they bear listening to multiple times. We are so grateful for their archival and trust in their usefulness as we work together to evolve human consciousness and our relationships with one another, and to Mother Earth.

Again, love and enormous gratitude to Matthew and his team, to Ellie Fuller for leading us in Qi Gong, Anariya Rae Olson for leading us in grid connection, and to all of the Pod members who contributed and participated in person, on the phone and in spirit.