Atlanta Earth-Keeper: Messages from the Golden Dolphins

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Nina was invited to be a special guest speaker/channel at the ‘Return of the Wind’ Atlanta Earth-Keeper gathering on May 29th.

Please note: the recording was cut short. The channeled writings, which were read during the recording are transcribed below.


Your Courage, Your Commitment Has Allowed Joy and love to Fill the Planetー5/28/11

Dear One, with such joy and excitement do we greet you today. Now that the energy field is being cleared by our dear ones¹, the vibration of the land, of the air and of the water has been shifted and will continue to be altered as the momentum amplifies. This is causing a vibrational resonance that is sweeping the planet like a tsunami, the green energy that is going out across the planet is like plankton covering all that it touches, returning vital nutrient to all of creation. The stain of blood, the embedded memory is being neutralized, balanced by this life giving force. All is gently beginning its return to zero point where the pure love and light, Christ consciousness frequency can more easily enter the new memory yet to be formulated. Erasing of the old is being supplemented by the creation of the new. Gaia is outstretching her arms in a celebration as the shift in consciousness is being directed to all the small crevices, to the huge caverns, to the gentle plains that cover her. You, dear ones, began this critical transformation today with your intention and your mighty breath. You, dear ones, are the ones who have returned, who have gathered in love to give this gift to the planet and humanity. Without your gift delivered today, the full and complete access to the completing crystalline grid would not have been achieved. You are the ones who so quietly gathered, who so unassumingly said yes, who participated in ceremony to clear and reverse the memory cells of sorrow, of pain. Now we together with you, can bring joy to replace the sorrow. This now fills the planet with the joy that we, the golden dolphins are. You have allowed this to occur. Your courage, your commitment has allowed joy and love to fill the planet.

With our deep love,
The Golden Dolphins via Anaya-Ra

¹Each one presents was “a participant in the ‘Return of the Wind’ Gathering in Atlanta. Archangel Metatron reminds me that the key purpose of this event was the potent release of energies of sorrow connected to the Times of Slavery, Trail of Tears and the Civil War, and that the release of these energies and the bathing of the earth in the OMM-Wave of Unconditional Love was accomplished. The magnificent consciousness of Stone Mountain played a role as well that we must both recognize and acknowledge in humility, gratitude & reverence. We were joined by the Angelic Hosts, the Council of Light, the Sirian-Pleiadean Alliance and indeed the Light of the Golden Dolphin.” Tyberonn

We Are You Fully Expressing Your Divinityー5/29/11

Dear ones, a new era has been launched, the Age of the Golden Dolphins. It is a time in human evolution of consciousness when it is safe for one to embrace their wholeness and declare their divinity. You are truly an expression of the Supreme Creator on Earth, with that knowing veiled to you for eons. But the time is now for the veil to be removed. You are to come forward in community supporting one another in this knowing. We are here to guide you in so doing. We are here as an aspect of you, dear ones, the highest vibration of your higher self. We are here to guide you into, through and beyond the dimensional shift, the ascension. Hold our hands. Extend your embrace to surround us. Pull us into the inner chamber of your sacred heart. We will be your etheric skeleton to hold you tall, to support you during the changes, during the shift, during the chaos. We are returning to serve humanity in our highest state of consciousness. Know that we are you, the full awareness of your human divinity. It is safe, dear ones. It is safe, and we are your golden radiance that has been suppressed for eons. We are your full awareness of your connection to all that is. Now is the time. Gaia calls out to you to embrace your wholeness as she stretches and expands to her perfected wholeness. Now, go forth into communities across the planet, and take this knowing to others. Recognize the human divinity of others in community, in pods. We are you fully expressing your divinity.

With our deep love,
The Golden Dolphins via Anaya-Ra