Ascension 2012: Keynote-frequencies charted

One of the attendees was a keynote-frequency dowsing practitioner and shared some fascinating data with us. The information was thorough, so we will summarize here:

Our kind dowser shared that the frequency gain for our group was substantial and that a key difference between this and other events that he has monitored is that days after this event, our group frequency has not only sustained, it has increased!

He shares, “Your conference, on the other hand, adopted from the very start the goal for everyone there to provide and share each others codes, which in itself would contribute to raising and sustaining frequencies and consciousness and this made Ascension 2012 a success in its own right, as I see it. The frequency gain for your/our group was substantial, and it appears to have stuck. Congrats!

Of course, there were a ton of other measures of success for Ascension 2012, but you were there and are perfectly aware of those already; so I will just give you some info from my notes that I deem to be decently accurate and that you don’t already know.”

Friday 10-19-12

Time – Group Frequency – Presenter/subject/event

4:50PM – 650Hz – Initial group value

5:00PM – 655Hz – Nina Brown/intro

5:20PM – 655Hz – Vladamir Turek

5:30PM – 659Hz – Sipping Hydrosol

5:35PM – 659Hz – Debbie Simerl/Introductions and sked info

6:01PM – 659Hz – Robert Wynn/Breathing

6:15PM – 659Hz – Robert Wynn/Activating tube torus

6:20PM – 667Hz – Robert Wynn/Doubling toroidal field

6:22PM – 667Hz – Matthew Reifslager

6:30PM – 667Hz – Matthew Reifslager/Infinite God awareness

6:35PM – 678Hz – Matthew Reifslager/Love all the creation of God

6:40PM – 678Hz – Matthew Reifslager/Divine Mothe=Love=Father

6:50PM – 679Hz – Matthew Reifslager/Silence meditation

7:10PM – 684Hz – Matthew Reifslager/Emotional body amplifies love

7:15PM – 685Hz – Matthew Reifslager/Bliss births love which births gratitude which births compassion

7:20PM – 685Hz – ChristaObouchowski/Star Being Anointing

Saturday 10-20-12

8:50AM – 670Hz – Debbie Simerl/Day’s events

9:05AM – 678Hz – Vladimir Turek/Codes and galactic citizens

10:00AM – 678Hz – Vladimir Turek/Sound, light, symbols, movement manipulate light

10:20AM – 678Hz – Randy Masters/Ancient Resonance Codes

10:30AM – 678Hz – Randy Masters

11:30AM – 678Hz – Randy Masters/Electric Blue Light and regeneration

11:50AM – 678Hz – Robert Winn/Breathing, activating toroidal field

2:00PM – 678Hz – Randy Masters/Ancient Resonance Codes

3:35PM – 678Hz – Norma Tarango/Paradise Codes

5:05PM – 678Hz – Christa Oubuchowski/STAR being ointment, hydrosol, plant kingdom

5:15PM – 678Hz – Christa Oubuchowski/STAR being ointment, hydrosol, plant kingdom

7:30PM – 678Hz – Panel Discussion

Sunday 10-21-12

9:15AM – 678Hz – Cristomo Jacinto/ Stargate chamber

9:40AM – 678Hz – Vladimir Turek/STAR chamber is a personal transport

10:10AM – 696Hz – Vladimir Turek/Center of heart is a gateway

10:40AM – 698Hz – Randy Masters/Resonance codes, frequencies

11:50AM – 701Hz – Randy Masters/Resonance codes, frequencies

1:30PM – 710Hz – Renee Fugitt/Video 1

2:15PM – 710Hz – Renee Fugitt/Video 2

2:22PM – 710Hz – Renee Fugitt/Video 3

2:40PM – 710Hz – Renee Fugitt/Platinum ray is the consciousness of the cosmos

2:50PM – 710Hz – CJ Walker/Meditation remarks

2:58PM – 710Hz – CJ Walker/Meditation 1

3:15PM – 722Hz – CJ Walker/Meditation 2, Healing chamber

3:25PM – 730Hz – CJ Walker/Meditation 3, Elevator to future

3:35PM – 733Hz – CJ Walker/Meditation closing remarks

3:55PM – 742Hz – Raquel/ Meditation

4:10PM – 747Hz – Cosmic Tongues

4:23PM – 748Hz – Nina Brown/Closing Remarks

5:05PM – 749Hz – Debbie Simerl/ Closing Blue STAR Dance

6:45PM – 783Hz – Debbie Simerl/ Ending of Code Dances-Close

Monday 10-22-12

9:00AM – 783Hz – STAR Clinic Group Frequency Check

Tuesday 10-23-12

9:35AM – 783Hz – STAR Clinic Group Frequency Check

Wednesday 10-23-12

1:00PM – 784Hz – STAR Clinic Group Frequency Check