April Pod Comments

Last night (after the session) I had an amazing experience….I was meditating to anchor the frequencies/vibration I felt within my body. While I was in a kind of theta ‘dream state’ I was brought into my DNA and saw an incredible beautifull golden multi dimensional sacred geometrical pattern rotating deep down inside my cells…Somehow, I knew that I had seen this image before. When I focused into my body I realized that it was the same star I was experencing during the session…. I was wondering what the meaning of the symbol was…I felt i had to look at your website. Guess what: mindblowing and amazing!! The figure that was rotating (a kind of unwinding spiraling movement) was the S.T.A.R (pendant). WHOWWW DEAR NINA, this was a TREMENDOUS DIVINE GIFT!! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH. I feel very grateful.

Hello Nina, I received my golden dolphin star pendant and can feel my heart chakra activating. Today I put it on for the first time and my heart is dancing. Thank you. I’m excited to see what else comes from wearing the pendant.

I have to tell you that I just got my golden dolphins periapt from Margaret Cowhig a couple of days ago. She did such a marvelous job of it that I have to tell you how grateful I am that you have got her listed on your website. What a wonderful job she has done! And how wonderful to be able to carry this pendant over my heart, in the heart is where all the action is. I am still learning this in this now moment!

Here I am Easter Weekend, just finished your book and I have 7 dollars in my bank account, but I am blown away by your book I got from the equally mind blowing weekend at the Bishops Lodge. Thanks Nina because everything I have done in the last 10 years in Santa Fe all makes sense now that I have met the pod.

I even had a card made 10 years ago and guess what it read… Ascendant Studios…Ahhhh the circle of life could get no greater than this. Lots of Love to you and wishes for your future of the World’s Newest Preventative Medicine Healer.

I just wanted to thank you so much for organizing this wonderful pod for the love and light purposes forthcoming.

I do want to thank you for the S.T.A.R. clinic, I have experienced many changes and healings in the two weeks since; the weekend was transformative. Blessings – see you next month.

I very much enjoyed and appreciated the Quantum Consciousness weekend.

Thank you for being with us and sharing with us the beautiful message of the Golden Dolphin.
I will keep reminding myself that life is meant to be light full en joyous.

With love from my heart and connected in the light.
Be ye blessed.

Thank you, Most Beautiful One, for this exquisite message from the Golden Dolphins. What a blessing and a joy! I found our time together extraordinarily profound. An exponential shift took place within my consciousness during the time we were together that was so monumental, I’m still in the process of fully integrating it. Thank you for being a conduit of light, love, joy, laughter and PLAY for this entire Creation. I am blessed by our connection, and I love you with all my Heart!

My heart and my high heart are full to overflowing with expansive Divine Creator Love and Joy. I am so very grateful for the truly safe space created in Gathering of the Golden Dolphins. The wonderful nurturing friendships that are flowing from this gathering is answering prayers from all of us that participate. Then the S.T.A.R. Clinic Webinar you offered with Lauren Galey was a beautiful introduction with the tool of the manifestation meditation to use and then to the first S.T.A.R. Clinic held in Santa Fe, NM which was beyond anything I could have imagined! Oh Dear Nina! Go ahead, take a peek. It’s easier than words, ya know! To live in this loving, joyful, infinite potential is beyond words. I am a new being each day I wake and each night I sleep. Cosmic God space IS. AND now as I write this, there is an email from you about the growth of the Golden Dolphins in nine months! WE ARE BIRTHED! We have entered INFINITE Potential in the Cosmic Ocean. In service, with great love, joy and appreciation.

Just this afternoon I listened to the recording I was able to do from where I was sitting. Also the anchoring 10 words you shared at the Golden Dolphin gathering (in Holland). What an incredible journey we are all on. Thank you for expressing yourself.

Hi Nina,
Just read your channeling for Easter. The amazing thing is that on 5th,of April, Thursday, I went for a long walk on the beach. I called Lord Poseidon, the dolphins and whales and both felt and saw a connection being made, through this kind of tubes being attached to my chakras and spewing pink energy in. Since then I feel much more joy in my life. The next day I went for a long walk in a forest and again felt that something changed, I just enjoy every moment and that is the message I am getting when I ask, what am I doing sitting in a café eating ice-cream on the beach, just like that, no reason…and hearing JUST ENJOY. Now I understand it and how wonderful it is. The golden dolphins keep coming up in my sculptures, just pop in from all directions.
Tomorrow I just take off to the Sea of Galilee, I feel like it, to move, to play. Before I needed a reason, now I just do it. Thank you my friend.
A big hug from a true friend from Israel,

The way I feel now, it won’t take long till I form the first Pod In Israel. Just this feeling that I am going to do it at the Sea of Galilee and that it will be my next residence. Can you imagine, a Golden Dolphin Pod by the Sea of Galilee?

Re: workshop vs clinic:

This is beautiful! I really, really REALLY like where you are going here!

Thank you so much Nina for the wonderful session today, I have now a clear view and can see clear. Yes my eye is clear again. Thank you so much. Love, light and great respect, wish you a beautiful day.

Thank you for your messages….I am from Australia and I met Nina at the Earth-Keeper conference in Arkansas on the 11-11. I am honoured to have met you and look forward to coming over for the 12-12 celebrations. I have found the Golden Dolphin Energy amazing to work with and I invoke it a lot in my healings at the end and my patients are always amazed at the intensity of the energies…I thank You.

Thank you for this weekend beautiful message and it moved me.

Once I saw the Golden Dolphin information, I felt called to step up to the plate, especially because you said it only takes one other person. I have someone who has been asking me to do something like this in a safe space and I felt that I wasn’t ready. By reading your book (still not finished yet) I realized that I too am doubting my usefulness and it’s time to step up and just do the best I can with the help of Heavenly hosts.

I love the oils. I love my S.T.A.R. necklace. I love, love, love the changes in me. I AM GRATEFUL.

Since the clinic, life has taken a race course speed and manifesting what I’m desiring is coming so quickly that I have to really still the mind or I get the jumbled thoughts in manifestation so quickly it’s funny and really a giggle even when it’s not one of the nicer positive things that I’m thinking or that my heartmind really desires. Whole new level of S.T.A.R. for me (which means for the world around me also :).