An Announcement That Will Shake the Fibers of Your Being – 6/20/12 (summer solstice, Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument, Pueblo de Cochiti, New Mexico)

The air around you is filled with the presence of summer. You can feel it in the breeze and the wind that is moving the bushes. All is alive in anticipation of the message that we wish to share with you this day. We are in your presence to share an announcement that will shake the fibers of your being, which is why we asked the messenger to be amongst the sturdy rocks that will be the support as the transmission is made. Feel the strength of the rocks. Pull that strength into your body as you read these words. This is a form of grounding, and we ask that you ground before we speak. Take the time now. Feel the rocks. Feel your body planted on the earth.

Now let us begin. We come to you in the breeze, in the particles that make up the air that you breath. We enter your body with that breath. You may call it prana, but it is us, the life force that is all around you. Take it in. You ask, “How can I breathe in the golden dolphins who are communicating?” We say to you that it is the prana, the life force that is us, that is also you. Breathe it in. We are talking about the the light that you are, that comes from the Great Central Sun. It is you. Fill your lungs with this light. On this day as the sun’s light diminishes and the days become shorter, breath in the light at it’s fullest.

This is the nourishment that is gifted to you, that will fill your body so that you will expand in your awareness of who you truly are. What is different about this day, this solstice, this light is that it is alive with the love of the divine Creator. This love is streaming through your body, activating the dormant DNA. Today, dear ones, this is happening, summer solstice, 2012. It is a moment in the evolution of humanity that is moving you, and with you, all of humanity to a new level of expression.

All is building for what you refer to as the closing of a cycle and the beginning of a new cycle. The breathe that is entering your body is clearing you as you read. It is moving the blocks that have inhibited you in the past from knowing your human divinity. The rocks that surround the messenger as she writes are the antenna that we are using to bring this frequency on to the planet. We are using the gold matrix, about which we have spoken, as a super-conductive system and the points on the rocks as receiving antennas. The place and the time were carefully chosen. The rocks are receiving and dissipating this energy, which is spreading out around the planet, again by means of the gold matrix, to be available to you, for you to breathe it in.

Take a deep breathe. See the energy filling your lungs and moving through your blood to all the cells in your limbs. This is a clearing process, dear ones. Breathe it in. We are sending this gift to you on this day of contemplation. You will begin to hold a new awareness of your human divinity from this moment going forward. This is our gift to you. Know that Gaia is the means by which this is possible. It is her rocks that are the receiver and transmitter. She is doing this with us in love for you. As you receive this gift extend gratitude and appreciation and receive. Receive all the love that you deserve from the cosmos for choosing to return to planet earth to create and anchor the Golden Age of Divine Love. We honor you.

With our deep love,
The Golden Dolphin Avatars of Sirius B via Anaya-Ra