Ambassador of the Golden Dolphin Avatarsー6/7/11

The golden dolphins are indeed jumping with the joy you so beautifully expressed at the inaugural gathering on Sunday. Do you feel the field, dear one? The field has penetrated the planet and is available to all who wish to connect to the full awareness of their human divinity. The means is as you say, “Know who you are” then have the intention. So simple. What you are realizing, dear one, is how truly simple life is to be. All revolves around the answer to the question, “Who are you?” That is your primary message to humanity. With the asking, the listener perceives that you know the answer, so they bond more closely with you and begin to trust themselves to identify the answer. You give them the permission that for so long has been stripped from them.
Now, we wish to explain a new topic. One that even you avoid. Ah, you are surprised that this could be. What are we leading up to? You sense the answer. We wish to discuss your avatar origin on Sirius. Yes, what was said prior and is so audaciously printed in your book is true. You are from there and there and there, but Sirius A and B as well. Now let’s focus on Sirius B. In the realm of masters on Sirius B, you are one of majestic origin. You were chosen by many to bring the unified message to planet Earth, for your wisdom and your loyalty. There are many here who love and support you in so doing. Do you understand? You are not alone. You again are our ambassador. A name that so aptly suits you for this role, this mission. We have a telepathic cord that is connected to you for the transmission of our collective words. You speak not only as yourself as a golden dolphin, but as the ambassador of the golden dolphin avatars. We are always with you.

With our deep love,
The Golden Dolphins via Anaya-Ra