All of Creation Rejoices and Bows in Honor of You – 6/5/12 (Venus Transit)

Dear ones, as the day breaks and the energies begin their decent onto planet earth in the great anticipation of the transit of Venus across the face of the sun, we come to you with a global greeting. All of humanity is being showered and this shower will be intense throughout the day and accelerate tomorrow, the full return of the Golden Dolphin energies. All of humanity will be bathed as will your Mother Earth, Gaia. The light is pouring down from the Great Central Sun through your sun to you and your planet. The photons of sacred geometry, color and light bring codes to you of transformation, codes that will clear, codes that will activate. You may stand in the dark as this occurs, but dark cannot resist the light, so all of humanity will be impacted.

The degree to which the light will be integrated will vary with the intention of the individual. Many will choose to return to the dark, but those who accept will begin to radiate at a frequency, a vibration, which will far surpass their state of harmonic transmission which existed before this day. You are on the precipice of a new creation of your reality. This vision is still unclear as to what it is that you collectively will manifest, but the cosmos rejoices and awaits with anticipation the new majesty of earth and of life that exists on earth. You are on the threshold of becoming galactic citizens dear one, do you feel it?

As you begin to radiate light onto the planet and into the cosmos, you will begin to be in balance with all of creation. This has not been so for eons. This you know intuitively. A shift is occurring and this day is a quantum leap for many, many, who wish to hold and move the light through and out. We have waited for this conjunct of Venus and the sun for we knew that it held enormous potential if conditions were in alignment, and they are. All the work, all the prayers all the toning that have been offered in love have been heard and have impacted the crystalline grid to the degree that the DNA of humanity is now radiating and vibrating at a harmonics that has not occurred on planet earth throughout all the existence of Earth.

This is truly a momentous event and all of creation rejoices and bows in honor of you. You have come to return love to planet earth and so it is occurring. With this elevated love quotient carried and soon to be amplified in the sacred heart of hundreds and thousands across the globe, an effect will occur to transform the collective reality, the collective consciousness. You are indeed creating the new Earth, the new Golden Age of Divine Love. As our energy fully returns tomorrow their will be nexus points, ambassadors of this energy which will be linked together in a golden quantum matrix to support the growth and expansion of the energy. This Golden Dolphin energy will be the fuel you will use to anchor the newly created golden age, for that is your vision. That is why you returned, to anchor the new golden age for the planet and to bring the light of the planet into balance with the cosmos. We honor you dear ones, we are on our knees bowing to you.

With our deep love,
The Golden Dolphin Avatars of Sirius B via Anaya-Ra

The following pictures are of where the 6/5/12 message was recieved. Nina shares, “We were at Star Dance of Abiquiu, New Mexico, which is five miles past Lake Abiquiu. It overlooks the canyon above the Rio Puerco tributary.”