“Adjusting My Reality” online Audio event with Nina Brown

Nina shared the story of her own spiritual transformation through loss of the material and realization of the truest riches that lie within. Through this awakening, she came to recognize and share the understanding that we are “starseeds” that have come to the planet to assist in the upshifting of consciousness and returning to a state of love.

She said, “I know you as a starseed who has returned to planet earth from the stars or from the future, to assist humanity at this moment in the evolution of humanity, to assist with the dimensional shift, to bring about the ascension of humanity, to assist in the awakening of those with whom you interact.”

With that, sometimes comes confusion, opposition, a sense of lonliness and the challenge of personal transition. As someone who has faced that kind of transformation, Nina offered her own experience of feeling internally alone, misunderstood, and not having words to describe what was happening. She encouraged connection with others in safe community – one option being the Golden Dolphin community which offers such a space.

Then Nina read from Chapter 3 of her book, Return of Love to Planet Earth: Memoir of a Reluctant Visionary, which tells of her transformation, cosmic healing, and the first experiences of the Golden Dolphin S.T.A.R. Clinic.


Thank you Nina…that was just lovely. Blessings.

Thank you again for the webinar yesterday. Your voice and story is so soothing and reassuring.

I am listening to the August 18th “Adjusting my Reality” seminar. I am only about 15 minutes into it and I wanted to immediately tell you THANK YOU for saying I am not alone. I too often feel alone and unable to speak to those that are around me to share my feelings, experiences, etc. and therefore am left to journal or try to describe my feelings to a beloved friend in England. It truly touched me to hear how you felt and has helped me in these few minutes to know, there are others out there and somehow i will be lead to them at sometime, but until then, there are people like you who remind me that I am with loved ones at all times! I am always hesitant to write or comment because i feel you must received SO many e-mails, but I had a friend who reminded me that I just should if I am moved to do so. So here it is and again I write THANK YOU!

Dear Nina, just listened to Adjusting to a New Reality. Amazing what it did to me. I know there was a profound meaning to our meeting in Israel, but now the pieces are coming together, and I absolutely KNOW that I am one of these walking Star Gates or Portals. Just had to get some of the “mud” off. Love you dearly, keep imagining that we are going to meet soon in Santa Fe (?). A big hug and THANK YOU