About the June 6 full return of the Golden Dolphin Energies — 5/31/2012

On June 6, 2012, the full energy of the Golden Dolphin Avatars of Sirius B will be on planet earth. This light or these creation particles (adamantine particles), from the divine Creator will come through the Great Central Sun and will enter Gaia, from whom they will be available to all of humanity.

These frequencies will assist you in removing the etheric barriers or filters placed around the heart and emotions allowing you to receive and radiate the higher frequencies of divine Creator love.

As the love grows within your sacred heart, slowly the portal will open and the love of the divine Creator stored there will begin to flow throughout the physical vessel, especially throughout the chakra system.

By means of the Gold Matrix (symbols and filaments), which was created by the Golden Dolphins on 11/11/11 in the physical and the etheric, these love particles will extend out to humanity through the sacred heart and up through the Tree of Life chakra system to the cosmos.

The sharing of this unconditional love on the planet and with the cosmos begins the restoration of balance between Earth and the cosmos, which is the Golden Age of Divine Love.

Each one who intends to participate, will merge with their Golden Dolphin aspect and become an ambassador of these energies on planet earth as an anchor for the new golden age.

June 6: Global Online
Join us for the free online celebration with Nina Brown, The Full Return of Golden Dolphin Energies