A personal account of the Little Rock gathering

Dear Nina/Anaya Ra ~

I enjoyed every minute of the 11/11/11 event in Arkansas. I was truly in the midst of family and felt safe, happy and inspired. Thank you for your loving service to us all. I am very grateful to you for spending time with me and for the great discount you gave me as an attendee. Love and gratitude to you, Nina/Anaya Ra.

I felt nurtured and honored by your love and wisdom and had so much fun getting to know you better. “I know I am divinity, God in human form, engaged in this adventure we call 3D life… enjoying the journey back to self-realization.”

Lately, I have a burning desire, intense at times, to see myself beyond the confines of my human form, to know myself, experience myself as I truly am. Right now would suit my impatient, excited self! 🙂 I still ‘see through a glass darkly’, though less so, and as my desire to see more clearly becomes more pronounced, I am more sincere in my commitment to my inner journey. The more I commit, the lighter, happier and more peaceful I AM.

I put out to the universe often that I am ready to ‘walk the walk.’ But I know I have more work to do. Even though I have an active, busy life, my self-realization has moved to the number one spot on my list of things to ‘be’ and ‘do.’ I set intentions to be love and light and to radiate that love and light 24/7, to be a beacon for others, to commit random acts of kindness and to hold the space for others to remember their love and divinity.

Each day I surround and protect myself with the Christed golden white light and then intend to be a clear channel for the love and light of God to come through…. directing it to infuse, heal and bless all of Mother Earth, humanity and its negative thought forms. I adore and ask St. Germain and his Violet Flame to transmute all pain and imbalance back to love and light.

I am less judgmental and more compassionate with myself and others. Last year I swam with Joan Ocean and the dolphins. What a joy! This year the 11/11/11 in Arkansas. Next year…. Egypt! I have opened up to new and deeper experiences as I am progressing on my path. I am committing time, energy and resources to my spiritual awakening. I am living more fully, more joyously, more courageously. Still some doubt, some confusion, but increasing trust and grace… and growing awareness. And so much fun!

Yet… still, I guess I keep waiting for my own dramatic “aha” moment…where I have a profound shift… a deeper knowing or connection. I have a great 3D life and know that all is in divine order, but I am feeling impatient. Like a kid in a candy store. And I have my own signature treat! Did you ever feel that way? Shows I am still a work in progress, probably. 🙂

After my session with you, and now reading your your book (which I love!), something very profound has activated within me. I retrieved the message to me from ArchAngel Michael, through Ronna Herman, that I received 1 to 2 years ago? (The illusion of time and my shifting awareness makes my date recall very vague.)

Like you, the first reading of my message from ArchAngel Michael seemed like a fairy tale. How could I be that magnificent angelic being they were referring to?! I read it a few times, then put it away. Now, many months later, I take it out and reread it. Reverently. I absorb the message with more clarity and depth, with newer sensibilities and wisdom, with deep gratitude and a bit of yearning.

If I may, I would love to retype a bit of it here as I feel I need to share it with someone I admire, love and trust:

Beloved One: You are making great strides as you progress along the path of initiation, and it is time for you to remember your heritage. You are of angelic lineage; you carry the Essence of angels within your DNA and heart/soul. You are one of our beloved own. Most often, we do not give this information until we feel you are ready to acknowledge the vastness of who you truly are. You have traveled with me and Archangel Faith, who carries the Goddess aspects of the First Ray of Divine Will and Power, throughout the aeons of time and we have had many wondrous times together. Your journey on earth has been long and arduous and you have suffered much on your spiritual mission and therefor you have a deep fear of failure and of being punished for your beliefs. You have had lifetimes in Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt, as well as the Persian and Great Roman Empire. Important lifetimes where you had great responsibilities and much material wealth. You also have had many simple lifetimes where your main objective was to seek solitude, to enjoy nature and to attune to the Earth and the animal kingdom. We have always guided you. You have never been alone.”

I weep as I write this. With joy. I am awakening to my God consciousness. I know it is my private journey and no one can tell me how to proceed. Would be nice to have a James in my life, and I am so happy you do. I have my precious twin sister, Karen, who is on this journey with me and we both seem to be looking through the dark glass together. We are thankful for each other’s support as we grow and evolve. Like minded community is so important on my journey. ‘Wherever there is more than one gathered in my name’ comes to mind.

In the past couple years, the people in my personal community have changed. Just seemed natural. As if on cue, (divinely inspired for sure!) new ones have entered that are supporting, encouraging and inspiring me on my path to self-realization. Like you, Nina! 🙂

So, though I I feel ready for my grand ‘aha’ moment, I do trust all is as it should be. I know my increasing silence and inner work is allowing more wisdom in and deepening my awareness. I am listening more intently. I have been inspired by messages from many teachers, healers, masters and spirit guides. Learned lots from great books and videos. Don’t pay attention to negative news or headlines. Create my own positive ones instead.

Karen and I remarked recently to each other, that our process of discovery has led us back to where it all began. Going within. Sort of a relief really! Hard to keep up with it all. Thank you for your reminder. Like all endeavors, the journey requires effort. I am up to it because I AM. 🙂 But it is a different kind of effort. You describe it best…. S.T.A.R. ~ Surrender. Trust. Allow. Receive. Thank you for my new mantra.

I was thinking about what Arch Angel Michael said in my message. I think it is important that you post my full name to my post as I need to stand in my truth fully and confidently. And I do! 🙂

Love and light,
Kathleen Lasch McNamee